Young Adult & Children

Dae Dae Gains His Wings
By Kimberly Hill w/ Man Up Inc.
November 11, 2023

by Kimberly Hill (Author), Man Up Inc. (Author)

"Dae Dae Gains His Wings" is a poignant and essential book written by Kimberly Hill, a mother who faced the unimaginable loss of her son, Daesean Hill, at the tender age of 8 due to gun violence. Through this powerful narrative, Kimberly sensitively addresses the challenging topic of death and violence, providing a platform to educate youth about the harsh realities of gun violence.

This carefully crafted book takes young readers on a journey through the life of Daesean, affectionately known as Dae Dae. It skillfully navigates the difficult subject matter, fostering understanding and empathy. As the story unfolds, readers witness the impact of gun violence on a family and community, shedding light on the darkness that can overshadow young lives.

However, amidst the shadows, "Dae Dae Gains His Wings" is a beacon of hope. Kimberly Hill's storytelling weaves themes of resilience, unity, and the enduring power of love. The book serves as a guide for youth, imparting a message of hope even in the face of profound loss.

This book is more than a narrative; it's an educational tool designed to initiate conversations about the harsh realities of gun violence, helping young minds process complex emotions. "Dae Dae Gains His Wings" stands as a tribute to Daesean's memory, encouraging readers to collectively work towards a world where such tragedies are prevented, and every child has the opportunity to grow and thrive.

Layla's Big Wish - July 18, 2018

by Deseree Bradshaw-Hall (Author), Jamila T. Davis (Author)

Layla’s Big Wish is a story about a young, African-American girl who has hopes and dreams of having a big sister or brother. Layla learns through an exciting, explorative journey that she doesn’t have to just hope or wish for things in life to happen. Instead, she can seek God through pray and get the answers she desires. This book is not about religion, nor does it promote or represent any one particular belief system. It is simply a tool to help children learn they are not alone. Knowing they have access to a Higher Power who is willing and able to help them, builds their self-esteem and faith. . . Through fun-filled words and illuminating illustrations, children are taught how to reach God, just like Layla.