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I Love Me More: 8 Steps to Breaking Free From Toxic Relationships
- November 25, 2023

by Dr. Jamila T. Davis (Author), Tara Wallace (Author)

Embark on a deeply transformative journey with "I Love Me More," a heartfelt exploration into breaking free from toxic relationships. Authored by Dr. Jamila T. Davis, this book is more than words on pages—it's a beacon of strength, resilience, and self-love.

In this soulful guide, Dr. Davis shares her profound insights, born from personal triumphs and challenges. Each page is an invitation to understand and navigate the complex landscape of toxic relationships. It's a journey where you'll discover not only the signs and patterns but also the inherent strength within you to rise above.

Guided by Dr. Davis’s wisdom and joined by co-author Tara Wallace, an expert in empowerment, the book unfolds in eight transformative steps. You'll explore the delicate art of boosting self-esteem, setting healthy boundaries, and mastering effective communication. Together, these steps become a roadmap, guiding you towards breaking free from toxicity with grace and self-compassion.

This is not just a book; it's a companion on your journey of self-discovery and healing. With each turn of the page, you'll find solace and encouragement, empowering you to prioritize self-love and envision a future defined by your own strength and authenticity.

"I Love Me More" is an intimate conversation, a friend in the form of a book, gently guiding you towards a brighter, more empowered future. Join Dr. Jamila T. Davis and Tara Wallace as your compassionate companions on this profound journey inward—one that celebrates your resilience and nurtures the love you have for yourself.

Manifest It Now and It's Going Down: The Official Guide Book to Manifestation – November 25, 2023

by Dr. Jamila T. Davis (Author)

"Manifest It Now and It’s Going Down" by Dr. Jamila T. Davis is a transformative journey that will awaken your inner power and help you manifest the life you've always yearned for. Dr. Davis shares her extraordinary story of resilience and triumph over adversity, inspiring you to overcome your own challenges.

Through practical exercises and the power of visualization, Dr. Davis teaches you how to transform your pain into purpose and ignite an unquenchable fire within you. This book is not just a collection of empty promises; it provides actionable steps to propel you closer to your aspirations.

But the journey doesn't stop with the book. Dr. Davis offers a digital course that delves even deeper into the principles and practices of manifestation. By combining the wisdom of the book with interactive elements, you embark on a comprehensive journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Don't settle for a mediocre existence. Embrace the opportunity to create the life you truly desire. "Manifest It Now and It’s Going Down" and its accompanying digital course are your keys to unlocking the full spectrum of manifestation and transforming your reality.

Your dreams are within reach, waiting for you to claim them. Take the leap and embark on this life-changing journey. Embrace the multimedia experience and unlock your true potential. Your destiny awaits.

Dae Dae Gains His Wings
By Kimberly Hill w/ Man Up Inc.
November 11, 2023

by Kimberly Hill (Author), Man Up Inc. (Author)

"Dae Dae Gains His Wings" is a poignant and essential book written by Kimberly Hill, a mother who faced the unimaginable loss of her son, Daesean Hill, at the tender age of 8 due to gun violence. Through this powerful narrative, Kimberly sensitively addresses the challenging topic of death and violence, providing a platform to educate youth about the harsh realities of gun violence.

This carefully crafted book takes young readers on a journey through the life of Daesean, affectionately known as Dae Dae. It skillfully navigates the difficult subject matter, fostering understanding and empathy. As the story unfolds, readers witness the impact of gun violence on a family and community, shedding light on the darkness that can overshadow young lives.

However, amidst the shadows, "Dae Dae Gains His Wings" is a beacon of hope. Kimberly Hill's storytelling weaves themes of resilience, unity, and the enduring power of love. The book serves as a guide for youth, imparting a message of hope even in the face of profound loss.

This book is more than a narrative; it's an educational tool designed to initiate conversations about the harsh realities of gun violence, helping young minds process complex emotions. "Dae Dae Gains His Wings" stands as a tribute to Daesean's memory, encouraging readers to collectively work towards a world where such tragedies are prevented, and every child has the opportunity to grow and thrive.