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Built to Outlast the Storm: The 12 Points to Turning a Set-back Into a Major Come-back is MUST have manual for those experiencing any kind of life adversity. Author Jamila T. Davis teaches readers how to shift their mindset and do the internal work to discover the divine purpose of obstacles and how to position them to become their stepping stool for success. Realizing the points in this book could be applied to anyone facing a life obstacle, including the death of a loved one, divorce, job loss or any other adversity, Davis created this go-to manual to help readers build up their faith, overcome dilemmas and come out on top! Davis outlines the road map she used to overcome serving a 12 1/2 year sentence in federal prison. Not only did she successfully complete her prison term, which she first deemed as a death sentence, she used prison as her playground for success. Behind bars she became the author of over a dozen books, received multiple degrees and became the co-founder of a nonprofit organization. Hitting the ground running as a PHD candidate, Davis, whose story has been featured in Forbes and on popular shows on CBS, BET and VH1, exited prison with a plan to use her journey to inspire multitudes to push past pain and successfully overcome. Realizing the points in Built to Outlast the Storm could be applied to anyone facing a life obstacle, including the death of a loved one, divorce, job loss or any other adversity, Davis created Built to Outlast the Storm to help readers build up their faith, change their thinking and come out on top! Broken down into twelve powerful points, this guide is an ultimate faith booster! It not only gives readers hope and energy to push through life adversities, it also provides the knowledge needed to turn what may appear as a tragedy into triumph. This book is the ultimate game changer! Step-by-step readers are empowered how to turn any set-back into a major come-back!!


Layla’s Big Wish is a story about a young, African-American girl who has hopes and dreams of having a big sister or brother. Layla learns through an exciting, explorative journey that she doesn’t have to just hope or wish for things in life to happen. Instead, she can seek God through pray and get the answers she desires.
This book is not about religion, nor does it promote or represent any one particular belief system. It is simply a tool to help children learn they are not alone. Knowing they have access to a Higher Power who is willing and able to help them, builds their self-esteem and faith. . . Through fun-filled words and illuminating illustrations, children are taught how to reach God, just like Layla.



Brandi Davis


THE HIGH PRICE I HAD TO PAY 4: A Produce of The Game: Sentenced to 10 Years as a Non-Violent Offender Although the United States of America only consists of 5% of the world’s population, it house over 25% of the world’s prison population! With close to two million Americans behind bars, the faces of the U.S. prison population has dramatically changed. Jail cells are no longer inhabited by just men. Today, there is a major increase of female offenders, sweeping across the nation. The true stories of these women, and the injustices they face in the U.S. judicial system, often remains untold! The High Price I Had To Pay, Volume IV, is a captivating real-life story about the travails of Brandi Davis, a young, single mother, who entered the drug game after the sudden death of her child’s father, a notorious drug dealer. As the girlfriend of a well-known member of the infamous Black Mafia Family (BMF) organization, Davis was showered with a lavish lifestyle that she was unwilling to give up so easily. Feeling as though her back was against the wall, determined to stay afloat, she accepted an invitation to enter the drug game. As the daughter of a legendary hustler, Davis was no novice to street life. She quickly integrated her business savvy and prominent drug connections, skyrocketing to the top of the drug under-world in her area. All was well, until she was set up! With the help of a few informants, her empire swiftly came crumbling down, landing her a 10 year bid in federal prison. This cautionary tale reveals the shocking truths of those who enter the drug game in America, and the harsh penalties they face. Is a decade plus sentence necessary to punish a young mother, who became a product of the game? Or, is there a better way to level the scales of justice in America? You be the judge!





10 COMMANDMENTS OF A BOSS CHICK By: Sunshine Smith-Williams Some foolishly believe life is a matter of chance, based on the cards they are dealt. Yet, a Boss Chick knows she can reign as captain of her own ship, regardless of how steep the tides may come! Because life, in fact, is a matter of choice, a Boss Chick chooses to strategically call the shots and she plays to win! Although she may face challenges at sea, a Boss Chick never travels without her navigation. As a result, when others around her falter, she always seem to have the answers to get ahead, turn around her situations and come out on top! The key to a Boss Chick’s success resonates by the standards she sets and the rules she lives by, which keep her rooted and grounded. These rules give her wisdom to turn adversity into triumph. Everything she needs to know to become a virtuous woman, discover her purpose, find a mate, keep him, gain notoriety and wealth are now outlined in Sunny 101: The 10 Commandments Of A Boss Chick. This is a must-have empowerment guide for today’s striving women! This self-help companion is a road-map designed to empower women to avoid the common pitfalls that often derail many from achieving their dreams.

How To Navigate Through Federal Prison And Gain An Early Release 

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Have you or a loved one been sentenced to serve time in federal prison and have no clue what to expect? The experience doesn’t have to be as scary or stressful as you may think. There is a way to overcome this obstacle as quickly as possible and come out on top! Let Lisa Barrett teach you the ropes! Barrett, a former school teacher and Teacher’s Union President sentenced to serve a year in federal prison, utilized her time behind bars to create an invaluable road-map for prisoners. Through her first hand experience, research and interviews with numerous inmates, Barrett has compiled a unique resource for federal prisoners; the first of its kind written from a women’s prospective. How To Navigate Through Federal Prison And Gain An Early Release is a detailed prisoner’s survival guide, written by former inmate Lisa Barrett with excerpts by inmate Jamila T. Davis. This captivating book vividly guides readers through the journey of incarceration, shattering the fear of the unknown! Designed in an easy-to-read format, step-by-step, readers are provided a crash course on the “do’s” and “don’ts” for new prisoners, while being enlightened to the scope of services, programs and policies of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). From learning what to bring, what you’ll need to buy, how to stay connected with the outside world, how to receive money, how to survive on prison food, how to land a decent job, how to utilize your time productively, and much more, Barrett provides a plethora of resources and techniques that are useful to prisoners. Additionally, this book includes detailed excerpts by inmate/activist Jamila T. Davis on viable legal remedies, strategies to gain relief from the U.S. Courts and BOP available options for early release. Davis, author of the Voices Of Consequences Enrichment Series and co-founder of WomenOverIncarcerated.org, shares her 6 1/2 years of hands on experience successfully challenging injustice from behind bars. Armed with this arsenal of valuable information both male and female readers are sure to be equipped to navigate through federal prison and gain an early release!

The High Price I Had To Pay: Sentenced To 12 1/2 Years For Victimizing Lehman Brothers Bank The High Price I Had To Pay is a captivating real-life story written by author Jamila T. Davis, who is currently serving a 12 1/2 year prison sentence. Before Lehman’s collapse, Davis was accused of being the 25 year old mastermind who defrauded the bank of millions. But Davis claims the bankers only told half the story! This shocking synopsis captures the inside tricks of Wall Street’s elite. Find out what really happened, behind the scenes that ultimately resulted in the 2008 Financial Crisis.TheHighPriceFrt.jpg June 3, 2013



The High Price I Had To Pay 2 is a cautionary tale based on the life of Michelle Miles, a 21 year old, African American woman, who tried her hand in the drug game as a means to escape poverty. Joining the notorious “Burrell Organization,” run by her boyfriend, overnight Miles went from “rags-to-riches.” All was well until the FEDS got wind of the operation. With the help of informants, the Burrell empire swiftly crumbled and the key players were arrested, including Miles who was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison. Miles’ story will leave you shocked about the rules of prosecution for drug offenders in the U.S. judicial system and make you think. Should a first time, non-violent offender receive a thirty year sentence?

Sentenced To 30 Years As A Non-Violent . First Time Offender

Sentenced To 30 Years As A Non-Violent . First Time Offender



She’s All Caught Up!         She’s All Caught Up is a real-life cautionary tale that exemplifies the powerful negative influences that affect today’s youth and the consequences that arise from poor choices. Young Jamila grew up in a loving middle class home, raised by two hardworking parents, the Davises. All was copacetic in the Davis household until high school years when Jamila met her first love Craig- a 16 year old drug dealer from the Southside housing projects. As this high school teen rebels, the Davises wage an “all-out” battle to save their only daughter whom they love so desperately. When this good girl goes bad, it seems there is no turning back!she's all caught up buy-amazon


The High Price I Had To Pay 3!

The High Price I Had To Pay 3 is an enthralling true story about the life of Gwendolyn Hemphill, a 73 year old woman currently serving a 11 year sentence in federal prison. Rising from humble beginnings and overcoming barriers of racism and poverty, Hemphill climbed to the top of the political ladder landing a respected position in the White House, under the Carter Administration. For decades, she vigorously served as a liaison who provided substantial contributions to her community, making waves in the world of Washington D.C. politics. Despite her accomplishments and her stellar career, one bad decision landed Hemphill a decade plus sentence as a first time, non-violent offender. This story will leave you questioning is there mercy and equality for all citizens in the U.S. judicial system? And, it will make you think: Should a senior citizen with a stellar past serve a decade plus sentence as a first time, non-violent offender? TheHighPrice3Frt



BOOKS FOR INCARCERATED WOMEN Volume #1- Unlocking The Prison Doors: 12 Points To Inner Healing and Restoration Unlocking the Prison Doors is the first book in the Voices Of Consequences Enrichment Series. It is a nondenominational, faith-based instruction manual created to help incarcerated women gain inner healing and restoration. In a comforting voice that readers can recognize and understand, this book provides the tools women need to get past the stage of denial and honestly asses their past behavioral patterns, their criminal conduct and its impact on their lives and others. It provides a platform for women to begin a journey of self-discovery, allowing them to asses the root of their problems and dilemmas and learn how to overcome them. This book reveals real-life examples and concrete strategies that inspire women to release anger, fear, shame and guilt and embrace a new world of opportunities. After reading Unlocking The Prison Doors readers will be empowered to release the inner shackles and chains that have been holding them bound and begin to soar in life!VOC unlocking prison door cover front buy-amazon

Volume #1- Unlocking The Prison Doors– Workbook/Journal This accompanying workbook and journal provides a dedicated work space for completing chapter-by-chapter exercises in the book, as well as a place to record the reader’s thoughts, feelings, challenges and action plans as they delve into their journey towards restoration, changed behavioral cycles and renewed thought life.

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Volume #1- Unlocking The Prison Doors– Curriculum Guide This accompanying curriculum guide is designed to assist proctors in administering VOC Group Enrichment Courses, taught in group sessions. This guide provides fundamental assistance on how each session should be administered. Step-by-step it provides detailed lesson plans that include group discussion questions, group activities, handouts, writing assignments and instruction suggestions. The action packed lesson plans and activities included in this curriculum guide will assist proctors in creating dynamic group sessions that will inspire and encourage participants to make a positive change, empowering them to become their very best! curriculum guide 001   buy-amazon

Volume #2- Permission To Dream: 12 Points To Discovering Your Life’s Purpose and Recapturing Your Dreams Permission to Dream is the second book in the Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series. It is a nondenominational, faith-based, instruction manual created to inspire incarcerated women to discover their purpose in life and recapture their dreams. In a way readers can identify with and understand, this book provides strategies they can use to overcome the stigma and barriers of being an ex-felon. This book reveals universal laws and proven self-help techniques that successful people apply in their everyday lives. It helps readers identify and destroy bad habits and criminal thinking patterns, enabling them to erase the defilement of their past. Step-by-step this book empowers readers to recognize their talents and special skill sets, propelling them to tap into the power of “self” and discover their true potential, and recapture their dreams. After reading Permission to Dream, readers will be equipped with courage and tenacity to take hold of their dreams and become their very best!     permission to dream cover enlarged enrichment series PTD   buy-amazon

Permission To Dream Workbook/Journal  provides a dedicated work space for completing chapter-by-chapter exercises in the book, as well as a place to record the readers thoughts, feelings, challenges and action plans as they develop the confidence and knowledge needed to pursue their dreams in life.   Product Details buy-amazon

Volume #3- Pursuit To A Greater “Self:” 12 Points To Developing Good Character and Healthy Relationships Pursuit To A Greater “Self” is the third book in the Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series. It is a nondenominational, faith-based instruction manual created to help incarcerated women develop good character traits and cultivate healthy relationships. This book is filled with real-life examples that illustrate how good character traits have helped many people live a more prosperous life, and how deficient character has caused others to fail. These striking examples, along with self help strategies revealed in this book, are sure to inspire women to dethrone bad character traits and develop love, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. This book also instructs women how to utilize these positive character traits to cultivate healthy relationships. After reading Pursuit To A Greater “Self,” readers will be inspired to let their light shine for the world to see that true reformation is attainable, even after imprisonment!   Pursuit to a greater self cover