About Us

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Voices International Publications Inc.(VIP) is a family based publishing company created to produce books that uplift, empower and inspire readers to recognize their potential and capture their dreams. Through captivating real-life examples of victories, challenges and defeats, VIP books are geared to uplift those who have experienced obstacles in life, and to enlighten readers to life lessons and the severe consequences of poor choices.
The VIP catalogue includes workbook/journals and curriculum guides for group settings. VIP workbook/journals are designed to help illuminate the context in our books through interactive studies, and to track the growth process of readers. They are filled with additional captivating examples, chapter questions, writing assignments and space to record journal entries.
Book discussion groups are made simple to facilitate with VIP Curriculum Guides. These guides provide fundamental assistance on how each session should be administered. Step-by-step they provide detailed instructions, including discussion questions, group activities, handouts and writing assignments.
VIP books, along with VIP workbook/journals are powerful tools that have the ability to create significant change within users! Check out our books today and experience life changing results!