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About voicesbooks

About the Author
Jamila T. Davis, born and raised in Jamaica
Queens, New York, is a motivational
speaker and the creator of the Voices
of Consequences Enrichment Series for
incarcerated women. Through her powerful
delivery, Davis illustrates the real-life lessons
and consequences that result from poor
choices. She also provides the techniques and
strategies that she personally has utilized to
dethrone negative thinking patterns, achieve
emotional healing, and restoration and growth.
Davis is no stranger to triumphs and
defeats. By the age of 25, she utilized her
business savvy and street smarts to rise to the top of her field, becoming a lead goto-
person in the Hip-Hop Music Industry and a self-made millionaire through
real estate investments. Davis lived a care-free lavish lifestyle, surrounded by
rap stars, professional sports figures and other well known celebrities.
All seemed well until the thorn of materialism clouded Davis’ judgments
and her business shortcuts backfired, causing her self-made empire to crumble.
Davis was convicted of bank fraud, for her role in a multi-million dollar bank
fraud scheme, and sentenced to 12 1/2 years in federal prison.
Davis’ life was in a great shambles as she faced the obstacle of
imprisonment. While living in a prison cell, stripped of all her worldly
possessions, and abandoned by most of her peers, she was forced to deal
with the root of her dilemmas- her own inner self.
Davis searched passionately for answers and strategies to heal and
regain her self-confidence, and to discover her life’s purpose. She utilized
her formal training from Lincoln University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
along with her real-life post-incarceration experiences and documented her
discoveries. Revealing the tools, techniques and strategies she used to heal,
Davis composed a series of books geared to empower women. Davis’ goal is
to utilize her life experiences to uplift, inspire and empower her audience
to achieve spiritual and emotional wholeness and become their very best,
despite their dilemmas and past obstacles.